How We transfer Newborn

The choice on how to transfer and protect a little patient depends on age and weight. For premature babies, when the weight is just 1-2 kg we have the most appropriate way to move it to safety: The BABYPOD II.
It is a special incubator designed to air transport, built entirely of carbon fiber, ideal for patients from the earliest periods of life up to 8 kilograms. Its light weight allows us to move without trauma in a specially heated, self-controlled (heating without electrical cables).
The babypod II is by far the most safe, fast, comfortable transfer for the young patients.
Suitable for new borns with critical care condition, such as mechanical ventilation and hemodynamic support, since it minimizes the number of movements due to his easily transportation.
The vibration reduction and thermal protection make it the gold standard of critical care neonatal transport. For babies over 8 Kg, which require a protected environment, medicalfly offers The “Infant Transpot Unit”. Even children, with our crew is safely and securely transported.