With our ambulance flight Medicalfly is able to transfer safely patients which require critical care on board, to any destination, usually for medium to long range distances. our personnel is available 24h24 , ready for take with our dedicated aircrafts all configured as full intensive care units, according to the specific needs of each individual case. Thanks to the professionalism of Medicalfly team, specifically trained on the pathophysiology of the flight and trained in several missions, we offer an high level of health care, in an environment that meets the requirements of a Flying & Mobile Intensive Care Unit. the fleet, certified according to the Civil Aviation Authority, is modern, warm and under strict supervision of maintenance, can reach all destinations and allow you to take on the ambulance aircraft, as well as patient and staff Medicalfly even 2 to 3 passengers


phone h24: 39 3201457567
phone h24: 39 3201457610
 Fax: 39 0893115250

sede operativa Aeroporto di Bari, (Puglia)

Chiama: 800144767


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